Growing Personal Gardens, the New Trend

Since the beginning of time gardening has been that amazing hobby that yields either the freshest edible fruits or the most beautiful flowers without the stress of going to buy them. There’s medical proof that gardening is one of the healthiest hobbies you can develop, it relieves stress and anxiety, and of course, there’s the perk of growing your own food. During the Corona Virus pandemic the Google search for “how to make a garden at home”  hit an all-time high! Understandably so, gardening was a source for some of the vegetables missing on the shelves, created strong bonding times for families, communities, and a productive way to live through the lockdown.

Amazingly it didn’t stop after the lockdown, more families and communities in the US have been getting their hands (not necessarily) dirty with gardening. Whether you have a small apartment balcony space, a backyard or there’s a shared community land you can pick up a little multipurpose shovel and garden! The therapists recommend it, the doctors recommend it and so do we! If you’re looking to join this fast-moving train or simply revamp your already existing garden we’ve got you covered. There are so many home garden ideas for your backyard or small space, that you can try.

One of our favorite trending ideas is to revamp or beautify something old. It can be an old wheelbarrow, an old bowl, or even several deep cups, fill it up with soil and a herb seed or plant and that’s it, you’ve started your journey to gardening. All you need for this low-maintenance garden is a mini set of gardening tools, this set contains all of the tools you need to nurture your garden baby to full bloom. This style is perfect for small apartment balconies or backyards to beautify it and give it that breath of fresh clean air. You can also choose to go with the classic plant pot option. You can make a wooden platform and place all your pots of varying sizes. Not only is your home beautified, but you can also reach out of your back door with a secateur and cut yourself some fresh herbs or vegetables.

There are a thousand and one reasons why you should jump on this trend that’s not so much of a trend anymore but a lifestyle. For many Americans gardening has been a sort of escape, a beautiful thing to do, this is why everyone should try it because the trend doesn’t plan to slow down. Plants stopped being just for decoration a long time ago, they now give deeper meanings to your home. Gardening gives you the opportunity to grow your own food, experiment with grafting using a quality grafting tool, and grow different amazing species of plants. Which one of these have you tried out?

At LeafySection, we have all it takes for you to have the best gardening experience, check out our extensive collection of gardening tools, accessories, and stuff! You know what the best part is? We offer free shipping within the US on all items! Let’s get Gardening.

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